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Why your Real Estate Team will Benefit from a Mortgage CRM Software

client relationship toolsEffective real estate marketing is one of the backbones of a successful mortgage business. However, there is increasing competition for loan marketers both in real-life and in online marketplaces. The need to implement a strong marketing campaign has given a fair amount of pressure for mortgage businesses in order to keep up with their counterparts.

Marketing teams are now looking at technology to help them create strong campaigns that reach potential clients effortlessly. They turn to various mortgage CRM software programs to guide them in seamlessly marketing their respective companies.

How does mortgage crm aid loan marketers in their work? Here are some of the benefits marketing teams get from this new technology.

  • It gives them endless ideas for marketing their companies

The best mortgage CRM software programs often carry an extensive library of marketing campaign ideas. It includes pre-written flyers, emails, direct mail pieces, and videos that marketers can simply customize to fit the needs and demands of their mortgage business and potential clients.

This large collection of campaign ideas ensures that marketers will never run out of new marketing content to deliver to their potential clients. They can even enhance some of them or come up with additional ideas based from those in their CRM’s library.

Leads and potential clients won’t get bored by seeing the same campaign ads delivered to their emails over and over again, as ideas stored in a mortgage CRM are varied and can be used to launch various marketing campaigns that won’t repeat itself over and over. The result is the effective conversion of leads to actual clients.

  • It makes marketing easier through automation.

Coming up with a mortgage marketing campaign is tough, but launching and implementing it can be tougher. But mortgage CRM software programs make campaign launches a breeze through the power of automation.

CRMs offer several tools to let marketers create and run campaigns effortlessly with just a few clicks. Some of these tools include the following:

  • Automated email marketing
  • Event-driven automated marketing
  • Post-deal marketing follow-ups

These tools follow the principle of “set it and forget it”. This means that mortgage marketers simply choose their campaign materials, customize them accordingly, and then use their CRM’s features to automatically send these materials to the intended leads and clients based on pre-qualified criteria.

For example, your team wants to send marketing emails to clients who recently got approved mortgage applications. You can create and send automated emails to these clients by enabling your mortgage CRM software’s event-driven automated marketing; that is, the marketing emails are automatically fired off once the client has been identified as having a successful closed mortgage deal with your company.

  • It allows marketing teams to analyze their performances

Marketing analytics is essential to let the mortgage business check the direction and efficacy of their campaigns. The best mortgage CRM software programs feature analytical and reporting tools that let marketers monitor the performance of their launched marketing campaigns.

Unify Mortgage CRM programs use smart algorithms to analyze the performance of a certain campaign by using client data as their basis. These algorithms utilize data gleaned from tracking client responses to the campaign that is being sent to them.

Results of data analysis are then collated in a comprehensive report where the marketing team can see a clear overview of how their launched campaign was received by their intended leads and clients.

CRM programs allow marketing teams to determine the success rate of their launched campaigns. This, in turn, will let them see their strengths and weaknesses in marketing their mortgage company. They can use their assessments to create better campaigns in the future.

Summing it Up

Marketing teams get several benefits from using the best mortgage CRM software for their company. CRMs ease up their jobs by:

  • Giving them lots of marketing campaign ideas
  • Automating campaign launches and tracking its direction
  • Analyzing their campaigns through smart algorithms

Using mortgage-specific CRM programs simplify a marketing team’s campaign creation and launch. They also free up additional pressure caused by competition with their counterparts.

Still contemplating whether or not to use a CRM for your real estate marketing team? Visit unifycrm.com to find out more.